Click on a piece for more info (notes, recording, score, video, etc.):

new work [2017] for solo trombone
new work [2016] for solo tuba and electronics
new work [2015-16] for solo violoncello
Canons in Entropy [2015] 4-channel site-specific audio installation
Ornamental Alphabets [2015] for trombone, tuba, and piano
A Sunless Room [2014-2015] for three mixed chamber ensembles
Portrait Sequence (Blanching Out) [2012] for percussion duo
Mesh Mask [2012] for harpsichord
Year Without Summer (Daumenkino) [2011] for ensemble
The Ruined Edifice [2010] for ensemble
Scape After Louise [2010] for percussion quartet
Gravity’s Self-Portrait [2009] for guitar and electronic sounds
The Slow Splintering [2008] for string quartet, percussion quartet, and electronic sounds
Sensed Presence [2007] for 2-channel electronic sounds
Tower of Babel [2007] for 8-channel electronic sounds

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