Year Without Summer (Daumenkino) [2011]

Year Without Summer (Daumenkino)
for ensemble

Akin to a flip book’s slow progression, but encompassing a radical change of a scene’s perspective along with the development of action, Year Without Summer (Daumenkino) develops several recent ideas in my work: the structure of music as a series of successive cells or frames (in the visual or cinematic sense), and combinations of multiple, rapidly changing sonorities. In this piece, a five-note phrase is reiterated persistently while very gradually transforming rhythmically and registrally. In contrast, each phrase contains jarring, rapid, and abrupt changes in orchestration and sound combinations. The piece’s dichotomy of repetition and slow, continuous changes versus a lively and active surface creates an at-times uncomfortable middle ground between a traditional, linear listening experience and a more meditative, moment-to-moment experience. In a further thematic continuation of some of my recent music, the title is a playful allusion to the infamous climate of my current home: Buffalo, NY.

Performers on this recording:
Ensemble Linea: Jean-Philipe Wurtz, conductor • Keiko Murakami, flute • Andrea Nagy, clarinet • Reto Staub, piano • Maiko Matsuoka, violin • Johannes Burghoff, violoncello

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