Mesh Mask [2012]

Mesh Mask
for harpsichord

As a child, I first learned to consciously adjust the focus of my eyes by staring at my backyard through the mesh screen on the kitchen window. To my delight, I found that I could impose an even, orderly grid onto the world, and then with the slightest movement of my eyes, make the screen fade away to a smooth and unbroken world. Tiny muscular adjustments could radically shift my perspective from a world that is sliced into constrained, equal bits into one that is boundless and uninterrupted. In Mesh Mask, constant tremolos and hand alternations create a screen of fast, discrete attacks that obscure slow and continuous changes in harmony and register. From time to time, the focus shifts and the screen is ruptured, allowing the material behind it to poke through and assert itself in varying degrees.

Mesh Mask is dedicated to Matilda Ertz, who premiered the work at 21C in Louisville, KY in March 2012.

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