Sensed Presence [2007]

Sensed Presence
for 2-channel electronic sounds

“Sensed presence” is a phenomenon that often occurs in the state between waking and sleeping (hypnagogia) where one is still slightly conscious, but uncertain if a sensation is wakefulness disappearing or dreams beginning. In this state it is common to feel very strongly that you are not alone, that someone is there in the room, watching you or perhaps speaking to you, despite knowledge to the contrary. Sensed Presence was a collaboration with Kansas City choreographer Jennifer Medina, under the title Innerworkings. This piece is dedicated to her, and to all the dancers who performed at its premiere in November 2007.

Dancers on this recording:
Chelsie Danner, Benjamin Biswell, Sam Lopp, Molly Vaeth, Katie Tripp, Kaely Tieri, Amanda McMaster, Staci Burns, Jessi Fouts, Cloe Abel, Ariel Swinney, Skyler Taylor, Katie Metzger, Vance Baldwin, Christopher Page, Maureen Duke, Kelanie Murphy, William Smith

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